There are numerous features customer need to consider like for example headings which define how curtain will drape. We offer wide range of metal, plastic rails and tracks as well as great variety of styles including pinch pleat, pencil pleat, wave, scarf curtain, eyelet, slot top. Moreover there are multitude accessorises to chose from like tiebacks, pelmets, matching cushions, lamp shades etc.

We offer different linings suitable for many purposes for example thermal, blackout curtains or standards lighter version as well as light transparent voile, net curtains. Our professional advisers help customers to determine these all important features considering also the length, fullness and layering the curtains with our different products for functional or the final showstopper effects. Moreover we have achieved perfection in dressing the bay windows and even in helping customers in alterations with their existing curtains. Elegancy blinds has hundreds of beautiful fabrics to decide on. We always keep up with home decor fashion as well as we cherish everyone’s individual taste.

Have a look at the fabric collection below. Much more fabrics available at our showroom or book and appointment and our sales representative can bring entire range to your house.