Luxurious Window Dressing for ultimate elegance

  • Hand crafted to fit any unusual window.
  • Various options available, including full height, tier-on-tier, café style and a track system.
  • Different louvre size; 63mm, 76mm, 89mm.
  • Flexibility with shades choice to match almost every frame.
  • Great insulation for winter, helping to reduce heating bills.
  • PVC (Fauxwood) Shutters, waterproof for rooms like kitchen or bathroom.


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Types of Shutters:

  • Full height shutter

Full height shutters are suitable for all windows and they are the most versatile and classic option.

Panels cover the window from top to bottom giving you ultimate privacy and a neat look.

For smaller windows we recommend one panel; and for larger windows we recommend two or more panels. Louvres can move together or independently in the top or bottom section with the divider rail.

The panels open inwards allowing access to the window and a full view. Multiple panels fold on the side.

Shutters are safe by design.

  • Tier on tier

These are two separate panels which can open individually. It is the perfect solution for privacy in the lower section and an open top section for more light and air.

Tier on tier Fauxwood is the most popular option for bathrooms and kitchens due to their moisture resistance.

Functionality is not compromised on style and tier on tier shutters are very elegant too.

  • Café style Shutters

These are a decorative and modern solution where panels cover only the lower part of the window. It allows lots of light to come through the top with privacy at the bottom.

Café style is great for living rooms and dining rooms giving a continental feel and a stylish look.

  • Tracked Shutters

Panels glide across a discreet top track system. There are two track variations: Bifold system allowing the panels to be folded back and the Bypass system allows panels to fit behind one another to open and close.

This type of shutters is perfect for large windows, patio doors and room dividers.

  • Shaped Windows

Made to measure Shutters can be crafted to dress any window shape; and come in a wide range of colours. There is also a custom colour option to match any colour of your choice.

Shutters are also available in water resistant versions; and are the current top end window dressing solution for your home.

Apart from the benefits mentioned, they will last for years and we offer a full 10 year warranty on all our shutters.