Insect Screen

Innovative insect screens for freedom of wide open doors and windows

  • For any type of Windows and Doors including Patios and Conservatories.
  • Range of meshes and colours to choose from.
  • Easy to Fit and Remove with discreet mechanism.
  • Complete seal around mesh – no bugs can sneak in.
  • Great to pair up with any Blinds – smart system using very limited space.


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Elegancy Blinds works with the top suppliers of insect screens in the country. The solutions are made to measure and ensure the best possible protection from insects. The systems offer modern, effective, and discreet solutions for doors and windows, including metal mesh and easy maintenance fiberglass mesh.

Popular options for the windows:

Framed – this is the simplest solution where the frame is attached to the window.

Retractable – a discreet screening solution which neatly retracts back into its cassette when not in use

Sliding – Ideal for commercial kitchens and very easy to clean.

Box Screens – mostly for commercial use and are fitted as an outdoor box attached to the window.


Popular options for the doors:

Hinged – a door screen which comes with the frame and mesh and is easy to install and remove. It can be installed internally and externally.

Retractable – a discreet and neat option which can retract into its cassette when not in use. It is an ideal solution for French doors.

Zig zag – an innovative solution for bi-fold doors.

Curtain – available in mesh, pvc or chain.

Sliding doors – perfect for patio doors.

Insect screens are easy to clean: the frame and mesh can be sponged using a mild detergent solution with no further maintenance being required.