Temposhades are a great cost effective, option if you are looking for a quick fix to ensure you have privacy whilst you are waiting for your curtains or blinds to be fitted. These are made from recyclable paper with available in black (Blackout) or white.

Elegancy Blinds will give you a demonstration how to fit these when you purchased temposhade from us. They are a perfect solution to covering your windows for either long or short term. Perfect for giving you privacy and also allowing light to enter, ensuring you are not in the dark. A simple yet effective product with no cords or chains, making this child safe with clips at the bottom so you can open and close them easily. Blinds can be overlapped to cover wider windows, or joined to make longer drops for those taller windows.

If you place an order with us for a made to measure blinds and curtains, we can put our temposhades to cover your window while your order is on process.

Come to visit our showroom and pick up your temporary blinds.