Measuring guide

How to measure your windows for your new made-to-measure window blinds

Measuring for new blinds is an easy process. Remember if you do not want to do this one of our representatives will call and carry out the measuring. However if you do want to just order the blinds and fit yourself then here is a guide.

Firstly some tips:

Windows are seldom completely square so you need to measure in more than one place. We recommend you to measure 3 places, i.e top, middle and bottom.

Always double check your measurements. Ideally get someone else in your household to take the measurements without seeing what you recorded. You will always get it right if you follow this tip!

Standard windows

First decide if you want recess fitting (inside the rebate of the window) or exact fitting (fitted outside the rebate of the window).

Recess fitting

  • Measure the width and the drop in 3 places and include the smallest measurement
  • Do not make any deductions for brackets. We will automatically make this adjustment for you
  • Use a metal tape measure rather than the cloth type ones used in sewing as these tend to stretch over time

Exact fitting

  • Once again, measure in 3 places for both the drop and the width. This should be based on the amount you want your blind to overlap the window. In order to ensure that the light leakage is minimised we recommend that you overlap the window by a at least 70mm at the top and 50mm on each of the sides.
  • In assessing how much you want the blind to overlap at the bottom of the window please consider any obstacles such as radiators.