Benefits of Shutters for your home

Shutters are the ultimate quality and luxury window dressing.  What makes the Shutters so special is not only their elegant look but lots of benefits too.

What are Shutters?

Shutters are made from solid material unlike other soft textile blinds and can be crafted from wood or PVC. You can control the light and the privacy by adjusting the louvres as well as the whole panels. There are different styles of shutters depending on how much privacy do you desire and different size louvres – 63mm, 76mm and 89mm.

Different styles of Shutters


Full height shutter

Full height shutters are suitable for all windows, and they are the most versatile and classic option.

Panels cover the window from top to bottom giving you ultimate privacy and a neat look.

For smaller windows we recommend one panel; and for larger windows we recommend two or more panels. Louvres can move together or independently in the top or bottom section with the divider rail.

The panels open inwards allowing access to the window and a full view. Multiple panels fold on the side.

Tier on tier

These are two separate panels which can open individually. It is the perfect solution for privacy in the lower section and an open top section for more light and air.

Tier on tier Fauxwood is the most popular option for bathrooms and kitchens due to their moisture resistance.

Functionality is not compromised on style and tier on tier shutters are very elegant too.

Café style Shutters

These are a decorative and modern solution where panels cover only the lower part of the window. It allows lots of light to come through the top with privacy at the bottom.

Café style is great for living rooms and dining rooms giving a continental feel and a stylish look.

Tracked Shutters

Panels glide across a discreet top track system. There are two track variations: Bifold system allowing the panels to be folded back and the Bypass system allows panels to fit behind one another to open and close.

This type of shutters is perfect for large windows, patio doors and room dividers.

Shaped Windows

Made to measure Shutters can be crafted to dress any window shape; and come in a wide range of colours. There is also a custom colour option to match any colour of your choice.

Benefits of Shutters


Handcrafted for you

Shutters are made to measure and carefully handcrafted which makes them a top-quality product and suitable for any type of windows and doors including bi-folding doors, bay windows, shaped windows. Arched windows look stunning with shutters because they enhance their special features and form an integral part of the window.

Long lasting product

Our warranty for Shutters is 10 years and therefore should be viewed as an investment for your home.

Energy efficient

Shutters are made from solid material which helps to insulate your home. The precisely measured frame covers the gaps around the windowsills creating a barrier for the cool air from outside. During the summer months the white colour option reflects heat from the sun’s rays.

Child safe product

Shutters are safe by design as there are no loops, cords, chains attached; and they are very easy to operate.

Choice of styling

Although white is the most popular colour, Shutters are available in many other colours plus a custom colour can be created if necessary.

Different styles enable you to choose how much you want to cover your window. For example, café style shutters leave the top of the window uncovered for added effect.


Shutters louvres rotate similarly to venetian blinds which gives extra privacy control. You can slightly open the louvres to view outside without being seen. Or you can also fully close the louvres for privacy and shade. The shutters panels can also open fully.

Easy care

Shutters are very resistant and durable, and easy to maintain. Solid material like wood or polyvinyl is easy to dust and spills can be removed with a damp cloth.

Elegant effect

Shutters look spectacular and will make a great statement in any room plus kerb appeal can be enhanced with shutters throughout your home.

Ask the professionals

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