Blinds & Curtains for the Summer

Choose from our wide range of window blinds for the best control of light, heat, temperature, privacy, and even help reduce hay fever symptoms this summer!

Blackout Window Blinds –

The thicker fabric of blackout blinds with a special coating helps to reduce light more successfully than standard fabrics. Blackout fabric is available in many ranges; Roller, Day & Night, Pleated, Cellular Blinds, and Vertical.

Even Roman Blinds that are made from soft fabrics can have an extra lining to act as a barrier to strong light coming through.

The benefits of Blackout options are less light and a cooler temperature making it ideal for the bedrooms in the Summer heat.

Blackout Blinds do not give total darkness because of the small gaps between the fabric and the window recess. For the customers who want to achieve the total blackout effect we recommend Bloc Blinds. It is the unique system that makes the room pitch black: perfect for young children who need to go to bed when it is light; or for people with sleeping difficulties.

Venetian Blinds and Shutters are made from the solid materials and have blackout properties by design. Rotating slats of Venetian Blinds have additional privacy control benefits.

Blackout Curtains –

As well as being very elegant, Curtains have other benefits. Blackout linings can efficiently reduce the light but also help regulate the temperature. In Winter, thick curtains will help keep the heat inside the house; and in the Summer, closed curtains will reduce heat coming in.

You also have the option of leaving your curtains wide open during the day to allow plenty of light into your home.

Sheer Fabrics –

Our voile range also includes Roman Blinds and sheer Roller Blinds for a neat look. We also recommend our stunning sheer curtains in many different styles.

Sheers are ideal for living rooms and dining rooms. For the bedrooms, you can pair them up with blackout curtains if you like the airiness in the day but darkness at night.

Allusion blinds –

This is an innovative solution combining elegant sheer fabric with a privacy control option. They gently filter the daylight whilst still allowing the outside views. You can enjoy full privacy when the blinds are closed.

Allusion blinds look best in bigger windows and doors like patio or bi-folding doors.

Special fabrics & blinds for the summer:

Hive (Cellular blinds) –

The unique structure of the blinds with their honeycomb shape helps to regulate the indoor temperature. Hive blinds reflect the sun’s rays and deflect heat during the hot months. In the colder months they help to retain the heat by trapping the cold air inside their honeycomb structure.

Hive blinds are perfect for conservatories, kitchens or bedrooms with the blackout options available. Try our Cellular blinds within the Perfect Fit and Intu system with innovative frames for easy access, a neat look and temperature control.

Advanced Solar Control Fabrics (ASC) –

ASC fabrics have a special coating to help reflect the sunlight more effectively than conventional fabrics and are available in Pleated, Roller and Vertical ranges.

They are perfect for the house, office or other commercial spaces with lots of large windows directly exposed to the bright sunshine. And especially helpful to reduce glare on your screens.

ASC fabrics are extremely useful in conservatories where keeping the temperature at a comfortable level is especially challenging.

Pollergen®Fabric –

This is an innovative anti-allergen fabric treatment which acts as a barrier against pollen. The active special ingredient in the fabric captures and neutralises the pollen, even after cleaning.  How nice to be able to open the windows during the Summer for all people who suffer with hay fever.

If you find anything you need this Summer in the above range of Blinds and Curtains, feel free to contact Elegancy Blinds, your local curtain retailer in Bedford providing a wide range of window dressing products.

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