Mixing and matching blinds together


What kind of solution do you need?

When choosing blinds for your home, you will need to consider factors such as available budget, functionality and style. Have you considered pairing up blinds to add to the functionality and improve the visual effect?

The main functions of blinds are privacy and light control and some blinds can fulfill both aspects better than other types.

Single windows can have many solutions:

The best ‘’multitasking’’ blinds are:

Venetian Blinds – horizontally rotating slats offer light and privacy control because you can regulate the amount of light you need.

Day & Night Blinds – a roller system of two layered fabrics. You can adjust the layers to either block or restrict the view. The system works horizontally like venetian blinds slats.

Vertical blinds – as the name suggests, the fabric slats hang vertically from the headrail and can be rotated to adjust the view/light.

Day & Night Blinds and Vertical Blinds have blackout fabrics to provide better light restriction. Venetian blinds are made from solid materials and create good light control. However, none of these solutions will block the light completely which is one of the reasons why sometimes we add extra window dressings.

Extra light and thermal control by mixing Curtains and blinds together:

One of the best solutions for restricting light is to choose curtains for your windows which are particularly effective with bigger windows and doors. They also create a beautiful effect and adds style and interest to the room.

Curtains suit any type of blinds because there are fitted outside the windows and do not interfere with blinds systems. Curtains can also have thermal qualities with extra bonded insulation lining.

If you are looking for the “wow factor” we recommend combining Roman blinds and Curtains. Both are made of soft fabric and can elegantly complement each other. The Curtain fabric range is suitable for making Roman blinds. Our sample books are designed in a special way that it is easy to match fabrics together by palette.

Roman blinds can be made in delicate sheer fabrics which will act like net curtains and look very elegant, modern, and stylish.

Combining different types of blinds together:

Two Rollers:

A recommended blinds combination is a double roller system. The Inner Roller will use a sheer fabric to filter the light gently and the outside Roller will be a blackout fabric to block additional light if needed. Sheer Rollers looks very modern, complementing whatever outside Roller you choose from our wide range of fabrics- the overall effect can be stunning!

Roller and Roman Blind:

Sheer Rollers also complement Roman Blinds, and the light can be reduced by fixing outside the recess.

Mixing and matching blinds in the same room:

Bigger windows can have different solutions to smaller ones, but they can still coordinate together. Firstly think about the style you want to achieve. Is it more modern or traditional room? It is best not to mix too many different styles of blinds for every window. For example, if you are planning Roman blinds with sheer Rollers, it is best not to choose venetian blinds for a similar window. If you choose one style of the blinds for the windows, keep the same pattern and colour within one room.

We hope that choosing new blinds, curtains or shutters for your home will be a fulfilling experience. It is also great to have a bit of help with making the right choices. We welcome the opportunity to offer you a free consultation in your home. Our Advisor will introduce our product range together with a large selection of fabrics. So if you require curtains or blinds in Bedford then please book an appointment or visit our showroom at Unit 8 Stacey Bushes Trading Centre in Milton Keynes MK12 6HS.