The power of colours

The perfect choice of colours for your home can have a great impact on the quality of your life. It is also believed that different shades can determine your mood and some people say they can even have healing qualities.

How to make the right choices? Although we may love a particular colour, it is not necessarily recommended to use one shade for one large area. Some colours are more calming and the others energising, so let us have a look at the most popular colour dynamics to start with.

Blue – Can help with better sleep and is associated with calmness; plus, it symbolises intelligence. However, too much blue can give a feeling of coldness. It is better to add some warm shades of yellow or cream for balance. Recommended rooms – bedroom, living room, children’s bedrooms.

Green – Known for its calming and healing properties (often used in hospitals). Green is associated with nature, harmony, and life. It is a great colour for many areas, but it may need to be combined with beige or contrasting splashes of yellow, purple, and turquoise.

Purple – Also known for its calming properties. It is ideal for the bedroom in lavender shades and popular in places of worship, meditation, or yoga rooms. Purple can also add a luxurious feel to your home as it is a colour popularised by royalty.

Red – Is a very powerful colour and therefore it has to be used carefully. Red it is a popular symbol of love and is stimulating and energetic. It is easy to capture attention with red and your home can have a touch of sophistication; but large walls in red can be overpowering.

Yellow – The colour of sunshine and happiness which can make an energetic background for playrooms. It can stimulate the brain which makes it perfect for study areas. Yellow and other energy colours like orange are best avoided for bedrooms.

Pink – A colour associated with tenderness. It is very feminine and often the favourite colour for girls and ladies.  Blush delicate pink is very fashionable and popular in modern interior design.

Another important factor in colours is the level of warmth or coolness. For example, plain grey can have many different subtle variations but all of them remain cool. The other colours mentioned above, can have both warmer and cooler tones.

You can find your inspirations for the colours palette everywhere around. Here are some ideas of colours that look great together, inspired by nature:

How to incorporate blinds and curtain colours into your home design

The function of the room is particularly important when we decide about the colour. The bedroom should remain relaxing, whereas living and study areas can be more energising. It is advisable to plan to choose the right blinds and curtains to match furniture and any themes you may have.

Neutral tones for blinds & curtains

The simple choice is white and cream shades. These neutral colours will match any design and any colours you plan afterwards. Neutral colours include white, ivory, beige, cream, grey, and black. These colours can then be matched with different colours. Bright neutrals colours uplift and help make windows and walls brighter and bigger. Dark greys and black need to be used carefully otherwise they can overwhelm the design.

There are lots of plain neutral designs among all types of blinds and curtains. You can choose a plain design and textured or delicate pattered fabric. Delicate sheer fabrics in neutral colours are very decorative like sheer roller blinds, roman blinds or net curtains with linen blends becoming increasingly popular.

Wooden or pvc Venetian blinds are a classic option. The colours in this range remain neutral and it is an easy choice for elegant home shading which will suit any interior. White Venetian Blinds with white window frames is a timeless combination.

Colours for blinds & curtains

If you are planning your home design in neutral colours, try to bring accents of colours to make it more interesting and inviting. Colourful blinds or curtains will be great addition to brighten up an area. You can also add other elements like matching pelmets, cushions, throws etc.

The fabric range of blinds and curtains is vast to help you choose the prefect combination.

Tips and tricks

Match your home with your personality by finding your own individual style. Check your wardrobe for the most used colours.

Think about which interior design style you like and find some inspirations and different trends which you can introduce into your home.

If you feel often tired and restless – try some colour therapy by energising your interior in the active part of the house and relaxing colours in the bedroom.

Blackout blinds and curtains will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Adding green plants to your house can be very satisfying and they can be a great feature too.

Experimenting with colours is fun but make sure the combinations work together.


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