Special fabrics for Window Blinds

There are lots of window blinds fabrics with special features and many customers are surprised at how versatile the fabrics can be. Our suppliers are continually introducing more innovative solutions and fabric treatments. In this article we will introduce you to the ‘fabric super-heroes’.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Pollergen® Fabric – an anti-allergen fabric treatment which acts as a barrier against pollen. The active special ingredient in the fabric captures and neutralizes the pollen – even after cleaning. With Pollergen® blinds, if you suffer from hay fever, you don’t need to keep your windows closed.

Available on selected Vertical, Roller and Pleated fabrics.

Asc Fabric – stands for Advanced Solar Control and is available on some of our Pleated, Roller and Vertical blinds. The reverse of the fabric has a special surface which effectively reflects the sunlight. It also helps to control the temperature inside the room, especially if you have lots of large windows exposed directly to the bright sunshine. It is great solution for example for conservatories.

FR Fabric – fire retardant fabrics are an important part of the range. It is highly recommended for commercial buildings, schools, blocks of flats, hotels, hospitals, offices and a safety feature in your home.

There are lots of FR fabrics to choose from, including PVC fabrics.

Waterproof fabrics – the PVC fabrics are great solution for bathrooms or busy kitchens because of their waterproof quality. There is hardly any risk of moulds or stains, because PVC fabric is so easy to clean and does not absorb the moisture.

Ultra-Fresh Fabric – unique antimicrobial treatment prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew and mould. It keeps the fabric fresher and cleaner for longer and is ideal for hospitals, commercial kitchens and care homes.

Blackout Fabric – a special thicker fabric with effective light blocking properties. Ideal for bedrooms by minimalising light levels especially from streetlights.

Blackout blinds are a perfect solution to gaining more privacy and helping you get good night’s sleep.

Coronasafe ™ – invented by Louvolite this amazing fabric has ability to eliminate 99% of coronavirus from the fabric’s surface within an hour. It is tremendous achievement and can help make area where people gather safer. It is recommended for places like schools, healthcare sectors, care homes, offices, in hospitality.

Some of the fabrics combine few functions together.

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All presented fabrics and many other attractive products are available with Elegancy blinds.