We would like to explain the differences and benefits of Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds:

How are they installed?

Both Perfect Fit and Intu are installed directly onto the window frame.

Perfect Fit – a four-sided frame holding the blinds, which clicks into the special push-fit brackets, suitable for uPVC windows. Roller and Pleated Blinds can lift from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Intu – instead of using a frame, Intu blinds are attached to the headrail at the top of the window. The blinds can integrate with the window thanks to discreet side supports which keeps it under the constant tension. Intu blinds are suitable for uPVC windows and will open and close similarly like Perfect Fit Blinds.

Benefits of Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds

– No drilling, no screws and no holes and easy to remove.

– No hanging cords or loops guarantee child safety solution.

– They leave window sills clutter free.

– The windows and doors can open with blinds fully integrated with them.

– They are ideal for bi-fold doors, tilt and turn opening windows, conservatories, patio doors and windows.

– Choices of Roller, Pleated, Cellular or Aluminum Venetian blinds.

– Fewer gaps means greater privacy and security.

– Extra temperature control because windows and doors can be opened whilst the blinds are closed

– Matching range of frames, headrail and accessories for both systems offers a wider choice.

Elegancy Blinds also offers customised frames and components in the colour to match your existing window frames.

Types of Blinds you can use for Perfect Fit and Intu

Both Perfect Fit and Intu are systems for installing blinds directly to window frames. The types of blinds we can attach are Venetian, Rollers, Pleated and Cellular. Additionally, within the Perfect Fit Range you can use Day & Night Blinds.

Venetian Blinds for Intu and Perfect Fit

Available in Aluminum in an impressive range of colours.

– Maximum light and privacy control, especially useful for patio or any doors with windows.

– You can open them fully or just tilt the slats.

– Privacy option has no visible holes in the slats which minimises the light.

Intu Venetian Blinds

Roller Blinds for Intu and Perfect Fit

– Classic style and easy to operate wand control which are ideal for children.

– Available in a vast range of patterns, colours and textures plus blackout fabrics.

– We also offer water resistant and fire-resistant fabrics.

– You can update your Perfect Fit Roller by adding motorisation so you can control your blinds by remote, app or home hub.

Perfect Fit Roller

Pleated and Cellular Blinds for Intu and Perfect Fit

– Subtle and soft pleats are a great solution for conservatories, which allows light to filter gently. The Perfect Fit system allows them to move freely within the frame.

– For bi-fold doors and windows, Intu Micro Pleated and Cellular Blinds are recommended as they are specially designed for windows and doors requiring more compact options and a neater look.

– Great range of colours and textures.

– Cellular Blinds have additional advantages of heat blocking, sound absorbance and anti-static properties.

Intu Pleated Blinds

Day & Night Blinds for Perfect Fit

– Day & Night Blinds act like venetian blinds, providing great privacy and light control.

– Soft, luxurious, modern feeling and subtle colour palettes in a wide range of patterns.

-Available as a motorised option, with control by remote, app or home hub.

Perfect Fit Day&Night Blinds

The main differences between Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds

Generally, both systems integrate the blinds with doors and windows for easy use and access. The difference is the structure of the products and the advantages that they bring.

For example:

– Perfect Fit Blinds are based on full four-sided frame which reduces side gaps, to blend in with the windows and less movement of the blinds.

Intu Blinds has an option called Guided Blinds which includes an additional restrain bottom bar to prevent extra movement. Also, there is an Intu Privacy option for Venetian Blinds with no extra holes in slats for greater privacy and light control.

– Perfect Fit frame can take more glass space and some customers prefer the bigger window surface you get with Intu Blinds.

– Perfect Fit frames can also trap some insects; whereas Intu Blinds are easier to keep clean with fewer elements.

– Both products in Venetian Blinds can create a little noise in the breeze, whereas soft Roller and Pleated fabrics generate minimum noise.

– Perfect Fit Blinds have a motorised option for Rollers and Day & Night Blinds.

At Elegancy Blinds we have both products available in all mentioned options. We can also offer solutions for all types of window so please ask us for advice.

Our experienced advisors will offer you a free consultation as to the best type of blinds for your window and will take the measurements to offer you a quotation. If you order with Elegancy Blinds, you can be sure of high-quality products expertly installed by a trained fitter.

With most of our products made on site in Milton Keynes, you get a fast and top-quality service from our highly skilled and experienced team.

Call Elegancy Blinds at 01908 969961 or visit our showroom at Unit 8 Stacey Bushes Trading Centre MK12 6HS Milton Keynes.

Don’t hesitate and call for your no obligation home appointment.


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      Hi Ryan
      Thank you for your question, in general we would recommend Intu blinds for bifolds. However it would be a good idea for a professional consultant to have a look at the door.

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      Hi, many of the pleated blinds fabrics are quite delicate and so you do need to take care when cleaning. Dust can be removed with a soft cloth or very gentle hoovering (using a suitable attachment).

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