Window Blinds and Curtains Guide by Elegancy Blinds

Bay Windows originated in the Victorian era and were often accompanied by decorative cornices. Bay windows are very elegant, allowing more light into the room and are usually an addition to lounges and living rooms. They are now becoming increasingly popular on modern housing estates.

As a Window Blinds and Curtains Company, we can offer you our expertise on how to perfectly dress your Bay Window. There are so many options and aspects to consider, and perfectly made to measure window dressings is the ideal solution.

  • Curtains

One of the best options for bay windows are Curtains on a track. We offer special curved bendable tracks to follow the shape of your window to give an elegant finish and cover any potential gaps.

You could also fit the curtains outside the window frame to give a more spacious effect allowing lots of light in.

Curtains also are a good choice for conserving the heat in the winter. For extra insulation you can choose thermal lined curtains which will also absorb outside noise.

There are also Voiles which are becoming increasingly popular and look extremely elegant.

We offer a wide range of poles and tracks for all budgets including the famous Silent Gliss. You can add decorative pelmets, valances, or matching cushions to finish the look.

  •  Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a modern and more cost-effective alternative to curtains. We use the same soft fabrics for Roman Blinds but they take up much less space than curtains, and are still very elegant and ideal for a living room or bedroom.

We can also supply delicate sheer roman blinds to provide Voiles.

  •  Roller Blinds and Pleated

Roller Blinds or Pleated Blinds are a less expensive option and still look very decorative and can give a modern and effective look to compliment your decor. Also, they allow lots of light and are available in a vast range of colours and designs, with options for standard, blackout fabric or sheer translucent materials.

  •  Vertical Blinds

If you are looking for a classic and low-cost solution – vertical blinds are the answer. We have a comprehensive range of colours, designs and fabrics and we also offer chainless vertical blinds for an alternative finish.

  •  Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds in Wood or Fauxwood offer a stylish and versatile option with adjustable horizontal slats to regulate light and privacy. They can also be pulled up all the way, like Roller blinds for maximum light. They come in wide range of colours, especially the metal blinds with so many striking shades to choose from.

  •  Shutters

Shutters are an indulgent window dressing which create a great impact. They are especially tailored to fit any space. They may seem to be an unusual choice for bay windows but shutters are very versatile. Surprisingly, they are great space savers and in the right colour, they will look stunning.

  •  Mix dressings together

Although this will increase the price, the final finish can be highly effective. For example, we recommend combining curtains with roman blinds, although you can mix many different products according to your needs.

Elegancy Blinds and Curtains is your local and friendly retailer of Bespoke Blinds and Curtains in Bedford and the surrounding areas and workshop. We offer a wide range of products and provide an excellent service including professional measuring, fitting, and sales advice. We have extensive knowledge about window dressing and offer your window dressings at very competitive prices.

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