How to look after your blinds?

If you are our future customer we will send you all the necessary information about looking after your blinds after installation, however here and now we want to share all our knowledge on that topic. There are different types of blinds that require specific care, some of them less and some a bit more attention. There is one key rule ”more often means less stress”. Although it does not need to be your everyday task, weekly or sometimes monthly cleaning will bring satisfying results. Another fact even you are great, regular cleaner: dirt, dust and spider -webs will find the way. So how do we do it?

Vertical and Roller Blinds

Good news about vertical blinds, they do not need as much attention as their are simply vertical and gravity does the job. Even some of our vertical fabrics are washable we will advice not to make them soaking wet as delicate fabrics may fray or snag. Technically you will find the guidance on some websites how to wash your blinds, however we recommend light cleaning by simply wiping it with clean, damp cloth.

The other area that needs more attention is the vertical headrail that can collect dust and with time it runs not as smoothly and requires lubrication. To clean it you should carefully unclip each of the louvres (strips) from the headrail little hangers. Once you have removed the blinds, simply wipe the headrail clean with a damp cloth.

Occasionally spray silicone lubricant into the rail and make sure your blinds are off the rail to avoid any stains. Lubrication also apply to roller blind system, you have to unclip the blind and avoid contact with the fabric.

To clean your roller blind you need to fully open it and vacuum dust from the blind surface using a brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner on low suction. Then with a damp cloth, wipe your blind in a downward motion top to bottom. Remember to treat the fabric gently, never scrub it. Once cleaned leave it open to dry completely.

For the stubborn stains try to use a fabric stain removal product following the manufacturer instructions. Always test small area first, in case the treated area becomes cleaner than the rest of the blind and may be visible.

Day and Night blinds

Day and Night need to be very light handed when cleaning because of delicate sheer fabric. The blinds are similar to traditional roller but they have two layers of fabric so ensure you clean both layers.

Day and Night blinds need to be very lightly cleaned because of the delicate sheer fabric. The blinds are similar to traditional roller but they have two layers of fabric – so ensure you clean both layers. We recommend a feather duster or a soft cloth for cleaning. If you own a steam cleaner, you could also try this on a low to medium setting. You should never use a vacuum cleaner, as a suction can damage the fabric.

Roman Blinds

Roman blind fabrics can be kept clean and dust free by using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Simply lower the blind fully and carefully brush the surface of the fabric from top to bottom, especially around pleats and folds. If your Roman blind fabric has decorative ornaments it is better to use cloth or feather duster to protect pattern. If you have stains, then treat with warm soapy water. For stubborn stains use a mild stain remover, however there is a risk that the treated area becomes cleaner than the rest of the fabric. Do take extra care because some of the fabrics are only dry cleanable.

Pleated, Honeycomb Blinds

Looking after them is similar to Roller blinds, however Honeycomb blinds have specific air pockets that can be hard to reach. It can allow small bugs or dirt to get caught in the cells. You could try to blow them away with hairdryer on a cool setting.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds design can be more time consuming to keep dust free as slats are horizontal. We have aluminium, faux wood or real wood venetians available. The main rule is to take extra care not to soak wooden blinds; nor should they be rubbed too hard as varnish finish may be damaged. The most resistant are PVC blinds that are the best for bathroom and kitchen.

The general method for cleaning Venetian blinds is wiping them with dry cloth or feather duster. You need to clean each slat individually, avoiding the cords as you go. For sticky stains use a damp cloth then carefully dry your blind with a paper towel. You can also use the vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment brush.

Motorised Blinds

If you have motorised blinds is very important to keep moisture out of electrical components to prevent permanent damage of batteries or other parts.

Even though cleaning your blinds is not the most fun task, we assure that looking after them properly will make them last much longer. If you have any more questions regarding caring for your blinds do not hesitate to call Elegancy Blinds and Curtains on 01908 969961. If you are looking for new blinds in aylesbury or would you like to replace some components, we are ready to advise you which window dressings are the best for your home, office or any other environment.

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