Five Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better

  1. Create a Routine

When children know what to expect, they will tend to sleep much faster and better. Create a bedtime routine that is calming and prepares your child for sleep. For example, this may include supper, a warm bath, and then a story or short, calming video before the are tucked in. Your routine can be anything that works for you and it will evolve as your child grows.

2. Have a Regular Sleep and Wake Times

A routine should also include what time your child goes to sleep and when they wake up. Ideally, your child will be going to bed within 15-20 minutes of the same time each night. This will help them fall asleep faster, since their body knows it’s time for sleep.

3. Skip Sugar and Caffeine

Children should only drink water or milk before bedtime, to avoid excess energy. Avoid anything with sugar, like fruit juice and anything with caffeine, such as cola or tea, While these may be acceptable during the day, they should not be consumed within three hours of bedtime.

4. Try Melatonin

Our bodies naturally produce melatonin, but sometimes they need a little extra help. Ask your doctor about giving your child a small amount of melatonin at night. It will help them fall asleep faster and keep them asleep throughout the night, since their body has enough.

You can also take steps to encourage the body to produce more melatonin. For example, avoid blue light from electronics for an hour before bed. These actually can reduce the amount of melatonin the body produces and results in the child waking more often in the night.

5. Get Blackout Curtains

If there is too much light in your child’s room, they may find it difficult to get to sleep or they might wake up ridiculously early. Blackout curtains ensure the darkness is the same throughout the day. If it’s too dark for your child a simple night light will maintain a steady source of dim light to help them feel safe, but won’t change the way the sky would.

There are also other alternatives to curtains as roman blinds or blackout roller blinds . At Elegancy blinds and curtains we have beautiful kids’ roller blinds collection, including Disney or Marvel designs.

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