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As a retailer and manufacturer, we can provide great range of modern motorised products. We maintain good relationship with leading motorising system suppliers and therefor our price is very competitive and we manufacture most of the blinds and curtains in our local workshop which monitors quality control and better technical knowledge. Motorised blinds can be operated by mains, magic wand system, remote control or home hub available for IOS, Android (operating systems for smartphone and ipad), Amazon Alexa, Dot and Echo. Or sales advisers and fitters are extremely knowledgeable about the products and can also set up everything for you and help you to understand the way the products work.

The benefits of motorised blinds system are as follows:

  • Child safety – The battery-operated system is cordless, chain free and wireless. The magic wand available for roller blinds is ideal for children’s rooms and is easy and safe to use.
  • Home Security – By using the special app, you can operate your home blinds wherever you are, which will give the impression that house is occupied.
  • Convenience – In the app you can select your favourite position for the blinds and set a timer for up to 15 blinds to work together or individually.
  • Easy access – Motorised blinds and curtains are ideal for windows which are difficult to reach.
Motorised blinds – Louvolite system


Remote control allows you to tilt the slats for light and privacy control. The vertical blinds can be also connected to a home hub. To fully open and close the blind there will be a wand to operate them. These blinds are lithium operated, rechargeable and very efficient. There are also modern allusion blinds which use vertical curved headrail system.


These can work with magic wand, (which is very popular for children bedrooms), as well as remote control and a home hub. Rollers can be fully closed or open; and you can also select a favourite position. Rollers can be powered by rechargeable battery or mains.

Day and night

These are also operated as a Roller and with the remote control you can set a favourite position.

Wooden, Faux Wood and Aluminium Venetians

Motorised wooden blinds use tilt control for privacy and light as well as up and down positions so they can be fully open or closed. This option is only available with string and not tapes. Faux wood blinds have only tilt control available.

Perfect Fit

We are very excited to announce that our motorised range is available now for perfect fit blinds. Elegancy blinds offers perfect fit in roller, pleated, venetian, day and night blinds. Motorised perfect fit is a great solution to open and close many windows all together like for example in conservatory or patio door. It is very comfortable and saving time solution.

Skye Blinds and Roof Blinds

Our Sky Blinds are solar battery and electric powered. This innovative system of blinds let you open and close with just one touch of the pre-paired wall switch and you can reach every window easier and faster. Supplied with rain sensor blinds will close automatically when it starts raining. Motorised skye and roof blinds are essential for these difficult to reach blinds.

Roman blinds and Curtains

For roman blinds we have only lithium battery choice but for the curtains you can go for the system which connects to your mains. Electric tracks are ideal for difficult to reach, heavy, large curtains, conference rooms. We offer total flexibility on control. Operation available via a switch, remote control, our app or via a home control.

Our beautiful bespoke motorised roman blinds

We work closely with Louvolite, Eclipse, Somfy, Silent Gliss and we are always updated on any new innovations and products.

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3 thoughts on “Motorised blinds Elegancy blinds and curtains in Milton Keynes

  1. Simon says:

    Hi, could I have a quote to survey, supply and install 2 Somfy blinds.

    A roller blind screening material that lets visibility through and that shades for a lounge that would sit behind the curtains.

    And a landing window.

    The landing window, edge to edge, is 205cm tall and 153cm wide.

    We are not yet decided on the exact style of blind for this window.

    • Min Lu says:

      Dear Simon,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Just wondering what the measurement is for the lounge window? For the landing window with the screening material, the quotation is £443.24 which includes a somfy motorised blind, 1 remote control and 1 charger.

      Let me know if you have any query.

      Kind Regards,


      Customer Services

      Elegancy Blinds

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