Stay warm this winter at your home, simple tips by Elegancy Blinds and Curtains in Milton Keynes.

Stay cosy and warm this winter by following simple rules how to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Most of the heat escapes from the house through windows, doors, floor and roof. How well the house is build, used materials, insulation etc it is the first fundamental aspect. Older buildings tend to suffer signs of ageing and they need improving with time.

The most costly and obvious solutions, are for example, loft and walls insulation, double glazed windows, heated floors, regular boiler service and eventually boiler replacement. All of these solutions are smart investments because overall it will bring great savings in heating bills. However there are other simple tricks that can warm up your house without spending a fortune.

Windows, doors, floors

You can insulate the windows with self-adhesive foam, metal or plastic strips and it will improve the draught problem as well. Condensation is one of the reasons for heat loss, so fill in all those gaps around the windows and doors. One of the very efficient ways of improving heat loss is to fit thermal curtains. This solution is very helpful and comparable to double glazed windows. Thermal curtains have a special thick lining which creates an air trap between the fabric and glass window. Only perfectly measured curtains can become great insulation for your windows. The best effects come from the floor-length curtains with attached box pelmet because that prevents the warm air from escaping and preventing cold air entering the room. Simple air circulation rule: that warm air travels up and cold air travels down; this helps in understanding the concept of the closed box pelmet and longer curtains. It is also a good idea to attach curtains in front of your doors. In modern houses patio doors are very popular, use thick curtains are the best way to keep the cold air trapped from entering the room. During the sunny days you should open the curtains to let the natural sun heat warm up the house. You can pair the curtains with any other blinds for better light and privacy control and for an extra layer of insulation. The other effective window coverings are honeycomb blinds. The smart pleated cellular design helps to maintain warmth during the winter. As a honeycomb name suggest these blinds have been inspired by nature and bees. The structure of the blinds creates the pockets that trap the air inside. It is a simple yet very effective design. Nowadays more and more carpets are replaced by wooden floors. But over the time, stripped wooden floorboards can allow the heat to escape. You could seal the gaps with silicon or add a rug to help cover the gaps in the floor. Place it next to your sitting areas or the areas you use barefoot like bathroom and bedrooms.

DIY tips

It is important to check if your radiators are working properly by testing if they are hot on the whole surface. If not, that probably means there is some air trapped inside and it needs to be released by using a special radiator bleed key but always check with a registered plumber if in doubt. To maximize the heating efficiency, you could put foil or ready foil insulation behind the radiator to reflect the heat back to the room. Try not to put any furniture in the front of the radiators as it blocks/absorbs the heat, especially soft furniture like sofas. Putting a shelf above the radiators is beneficial especially if you have a high ceilings. Remember though not to put anything directly on the radiators.

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