From BlocOut Blinds to a Supportive Pillow: Five Steps to Create a Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

It’s common knowledge that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to our mental and physical health, but why do so many of us struggle to get a decent forty winks when we hit the sheets each night? The quality of your sleep can be affected by a number of different factors – from drinking too much caffeine throughout the day to lack of exercise and stress. If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, a contributing factor may be your bedroom. Below, we take a look at five steps you can take to create a bedroom that promotes a healthy and good night’s sleep.

Invest in making your bed comfortable

If your mattress sags in the middle and your pillow does not support your neck and shoulders properly, it’s no surprise that you are not sleeping well. Your bed is where you spend every single night so it makes sense to invest in it. Make sure that you are sleeping on the right mattress – one that is comfortable and supports your body shape and weight – and that you’ve got a good quality pillow that supports your head and neck.

Lower the temperature

Sleeping in a cool room reduces insomnia and increases melatonin production (the hormone that helps your body know when it is time to sleep and wake up). As you begin to fall asleep, your body temperature naturally begins to drop and, therefore, cooling your room down before you nod off can help aid a good night’s sleep. Warm temperature can cause restlessness, so open your windows during summer to maximise air circulation and keep your room from getting too hot.

Block out noise

External noises can be very disturbing – from loud traffic to noisy neighbours – and stops you from getting a decent night’s sleep. There are number of ways you can block out noise. Investing in doubled glazed windows can help to muffle outdoor sounds, however, using some comfortable foam earplugs can be a quicker fix.

Remove electronics

Light from TV, computer or even your alarm clock can be distracting and disruptive. Making your bedroom an electronic-free zone can help you get a better night’s sleep; it can be very tempting to scroll on your phone or watch some Netflix as you are drifting off, but this only keeps you awake and affects your sleep. Put electronics in another room and invest in a low-light alarm clock.

Block out light with BlocOut blinds

We sleep better in the dark; when it’s dark, we release melatonin which helps us to drift off into a peaceful sleep. When we see light, our body assumes it’s time to wake up – even streetlights or a full moon peeking through our curtains can wake us up and affect how well we sleep. Invest in BlocOut blinds to make sure that no light filters into your room while you’re sleeping, aiding a restful nigh’s sleep.

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