Nordic style with Elegancy blinds and curtains in Milton Keynes

This month we are focusing on beautiful yet simple nordic/scandinavian interior design. The origins of this trend so widely spread out nowadays come from Scandinavian countries: Norway , Sweden, Finland and Denmark. People who live there are famous for craftsmens talents including ceramics, textiles, woodwork. Specific climate of this beautiful countries made the great impact on their ideology and way of living.

What are the major characteristics for the nordic style?

LIGHT – One of the smart ways of bringing a light into the room is by using white, off white or natural light tones. Nordic style is dominated by white..walls, sofas, accessories etc. However trend allow you to use other colours as well. To break white and neutral monotony you can add for example pale blue, pink and still keep it clean and fresh. Apart from this, extras like big lampshades or candles play important role.

PLANTS, WOOD, ANIMALS – the Nordic people are famous for their eco-friendly approach. They often bring the ”nature” directly into their homes . Lots of plants and fresh greenery is desirable. Cute accessories with animals like reindeer cushions or any other wild beast are so trendy these days. If it comes to furniture, flooring wood is the obvious choice as it is natural product and easy to recycle. Preferably the light colours of wood are the best match. Woolen throws and natural rugs add snugly feeling. Even children toys are ecological and made of wood or soft natural materials.

MINIMALISM – The clutter is definite ”no-no” for Scandinavians. Keeping place tidy and functional is the most important aspect. However their love to art allows some centerpieces, which are usually tasteful and handcrafted.

BLINDS and CURTAINS to go with nordic style

We recommend beautiful voile curtains that are translucent and bring lots of light to the room. Wooden venetian blinds match natural look ideally too, especially light colours of white, cream, beige, light grey. Our roller or vertical range offer all sort of bright neutral colours together with beautiful pastels. For the most luxurious look we offer bespoke white shutters.

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