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Beautiful curtains can add remarkable elegance to your room. However when you choose a curtains there are lots of aspects to consider like length, fullness, styling etc. Only perfectly fitted curtains can achieve desirable distinctive effect. Therefor we always suggest professional measurement and experts’ advice.

What kind of factors shall we consider?

There are lots of aspects that will determine the final design. One of the most important is the length of the curtains, shape of the window, budget, light control, fabrics, styling.

Budget, lining and light control

When ordering made to measure curtains important is the question about available budget. At Elegancy blinds and curtains we offer heavy and lined curtains, thermal curtains with special isolating layer as well as cheaper unlined version. Only blackout lined curtains will block light fully. There are also net curtains that are light and transparent and mostly used for decorative purpose. Carefully pair up with curtains voile can look stunning. Net curtains are also excellent for daytime privacy by letting in light. The other way to upgrade the final look is by adding soft roman blinds for classic elegance. All these tricks help also with light and privacy control. Nowadays it become fashionable to pair curtains with rollers, venetian blinds etc. As well as light blackout you should consider daylight lose. The important factor is how curtains can be stacked back. If space permits it is better to stack them over the wall area rather than window glass. Moreover if you decide to have pelmets or valances it is good idea to fit them above the window to prevent light lose.

Curtains with venetian blinds

Length, fitting height and fullness

You can create illusion of bigger space by smartly adjusting fitting height. Ask our advisers for possibilities within your room. Our trained representative will also help you to determine the fullness of your curtains. This term refers to amount of fabric used within the fitting space. The curtains should always look flawless instead of inelegantly stretched. Having said that too much fabric will make them look bulky. Regarding the length we advice full length rather than sill-length version. Full curtains’ length leveled up with floor or fashionably slightly over-long guarantee the best look. If you are unable to have full length curtain due to obstruction is always possible to have soft roman blinds instead.

Over long curtain brings chic into the room

Styling your curtains

In this part you should consider your desirable fabric. It is matter of right textile as well as colour scheme and pattern. It all depends on individual preferences and room design. The most luxurious fabrics are for example silk or having big come back – velvet. Natural cosy feeling can be achieved by easy to handle cotton or linen which is twice as strong. These are only examples of natural distinguished fibers but of course variety of manufactured textiles is significant. Part of curtains look is determined by headings. That means how fabric is attached to the pole or track. The track or pole choice is important. Different types are allowed for different weight of the curtains. Some of the styling – headings we offer are: – eyelet curtain which is suitable only for poles, threaded on to a pole, curtains are easy to open and close, this design is simple and modern, – pinch pleat curtain is attached to pole or track, draped by series of pleats that are pinched in the center forming elegant folds, – pencil pleat curtain, also available for pole or track, single pleats are formed in neat, tightly folds, – wave curtain, shapes into soft, wave-like folds, connected to track. Our team is trained to professionally dress your curtains and bring them to right shape.

Styling your curtains also refers to accessories. We offer pelmets and valances as a ultimate finish. Pelmets are decorative frameworks on the top of the curtains and valances are their softer, fabric versions. Moreover we have great selection of tiebacks and lovely matching cushions to go with your curtains. The possibilities are endless and our trained team of advisers will help you to get through the stages of choosing the right curtains and blinds for your home. We will hand-made them later in our workshop with all the care to make special and one of the kind products. Have you seen yet our new product, motorized curtains?

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