Wooden Venetian Blinds Milton Keynes

Wooden Venetian Blinds are very popular windows’ dressing option. Captured beauty of the forest combined with classical chic are perfect match for most of the spaces. Natural materials are desirable solution in everyday lifestyle especially in the era of environmental dilemmas. Therefore we would like to ensure you that at Elegancy blinds our wooden products strictly comply with current policies within the United Kingdom.

How do wooden venetian blinds work?

Mechanism is based on horizontally rotating slats, nearly up to 180 degrees, which can give great privacy and light control. Those rotating slats allow us to see out without being seen from outside. The blinds we can also pull up and it is stacked up at the top. Venetian blinds can be operated with wand or cords, which usually come with two sets.

How do we operate wooden venetian blinds?

Sometimes it can be confusing how to use venetian blinds. First set of cords operates the slats, which we can fully close and open. The second set lifts the blinds up and pull them down. To close the blinds all the way down we have to pull both cords into the middle. To lift blinds we need to pull the cords down and to secure desirable position by pulling them again towards outside the frame. The cords should be secured to the wall for child and pets safety.

Fashionable choices for wooden blinds

As a bonus we offer different slats widths. 35mm is suitable for small windows and 50mm is perfect for standards and bigger windows. Wooden venetian blinds come with the simple string or the tape. The tape alternative creates decorative attribute to the blinds. You can perfectly match the tape or select contrasting colours for bold statements.

Wide colours range with Elegancy blinds

Nowadays wooden venetian blinds have wide enchanting range of colours like universal whites, smoky greys, mochas, chocolates and many more. Different colours and shades have different effect on the room for example: -warm mochas, beige, chocolates give natural, earthy, welcoming impact, -grey is always elegant and comes in many shades, easily coordinates with different colours, -white and creams give illusion of bigger space and look clean and delicate, -black is getting more popular, it looks bold and brings some character to the interior.

What about bathroom and kitchen areas?

These spaces are constantly effected by moisture and changing temperature. Even though wood itself is quite resistant to environmental changes we advice the PVC venetian blinds instead. They imitate wood very well and are resistant to surroundings’ changes.

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